SEO = Search Engine Optimisation

Why SEO?

SEO is becoming increasingly important for every online business. Having a website is a must, but the old method of a set and forget site just doesn’t work anymore in today’s online market. Google gets bored quickly, and if Google is bored of your website then it won’t rank it highly. By this I mean ranking organically. When you see a set of results, generally, the top 4 are adverts, then you will see local listings shown on a map, then you get to organic listings. So now you have an overview of how Google ranks websites, what else do you need to know?

White hat vs black hat SEO.

Why do over 70% of the top search results get all the clicks? Trust. Website optimisation is by far the best way to build initial trust from a client. People trust Google to find them the most relevant result for their search. Google update their search algorithm 500-600 a year to keep the content it finds the most relevant to your search. There are a lot of SEO companies or consultants that promise to get you to page 1. The way they do that is to use black hat techniques. By this, it means they find ways to ‘trick’ Google into thinking the content on the site is what was being searched for. Keyword stuffing, spammy back links from fake blog comments are examples of black hat techniques. This was prevalent in old ways of online marketing.

Google will keep updating its search algorithm to weed out all of these techniques, and they have done massive improvements since 2011 which have made search results much more about quality content, rather than the page just ticking  simple set of boxes. It’s a great improvement on search results, meaning people searching will find what they need quicker, but it means that optimising a webpage to rank is not as straight forward as it used to be. Check out this video about what used to work:


Why is SEO worth doing?

Investing in optimising your website to reach the first page on Google will boost your website clicks by up to 70%. If there are 1000’s of searches per month for a service you provide, you could be missing out on a huge boost of traffic to your website.

Any online marketing company offering website optimisation services in Perth or anywhere, need to do research into how many people are searching for what you offer each month. If there are 10-20 searches per month for your product, and your product sells for $10, there is zero point in spending $500-$1750 a month on an SEO package. There will be no chance of a return on your investment.

If, however, there are 1000’s of searches and your sell a service of product for $500-$1750 then a campaign would potentially have a huge return on your investment.


SEO and Digital Marketing

Through research on my own site and seeing results on my clients sites, It has become apparent that on-page SEO and doing the occasional guest blog post will not cut it. You simply can’t just add in 2-3 blog posts a month and hope to get ranking traction. Each post needs to be awesome content, not just content that you think has keywords put in that Google like. It’s all about the readers. Does the post give value? Is it educational? is it fun to read? Better yet, is it shareable?

Google can see if content you post is getting engagement or not, so getting it out on your social media feeds is essential. I’m not just talking about Facebook here. There are tonnes of massively popular social networks where you can get eyes on your content, and links back to your site. When you combine your on-page SEO, guest posting AND social media channels, that’s when you see some truly epic results. These are my stats from when I started work on my site.

What is the difference in SEO packages?

The main difference in package prices are the number of keywords that will be focused on. What that means is you’ll get more or less search terms focused on. For example the term ‘SEO Expert Perth‘ is 1 keyword. Focusing on more will potentially get you a lot more traffic as you will be more likely to come up on peoples search results.

A quick ROI report will be enough to determine which terms to focus on, and this will be able to tell you which SEO package is best suited for your business.


Is SEO included in a website package?

All websites I build for you will have all the available tools to get your site an initial ranking. I also will setup your Google Business Page for you. That will only last you so long though. Google like current and relevant content on websites, so the days of set and forget are long gone. SEO isn’t just about content though. If your site is not mobile friendly, is slow loading or has lots of broken links and images, Google is not your friend.

Committing to an ongoing campaign will do wonders for your site rankings in the long run, and will get you more traffic at a much cheaper rate over 12 months than only doing a Google AdWords campaign.

How does SEO compare to other online advertising?

Optimising a website to rank can take months to kick in, but once the momentum is there, the results have amazing potential to give you a huge return on your investment. Most packages will involve a commitment of a minimum of 3-6 months. This is necessary, and this is why you need to trust your consultant to get you results. SEO campaigns are designed to be a long lasting form of online marketing.

Online adverts can get you quicker traffic boosts, but you will need to keep paying for and editing those adverts to keep them working. The other main issue when it comes to paid advertising is that there is no initial trust with your client. An advert that is always shown means that the people behind it are throwing money at it. A well ranking website on a Google search means that the content you actually need and want is on that site, because the content on that site is run by experts in what you are searching for.


Finally, How to keep ahead of Google updates?

Googles algorithm are awesome! Search optimization isn’t about cramming words into a page or buying web domains that match exact keyword searches anymore. Google has advanced a massive amount in the past years and is now really good at weeding out cheap and quick SEO techniques.

Remember how the internet used to be? Full of sites with adverts everywhere. Online marketers would have badly designed adverts everywhere! It made it impossible to find the result you were looking for! This was due to black hat SEO techniques. Updates to the search algorithm and how websites were indexed changed that. Google looks for well structured, content rich web pages that will get you the result you want, first time.

Finding loopholes in Googles search may get you short term wins, but is just not a viable strategy long-term.

I’d love to have a chat with you about how I perform search optimisation for my clients.

Its all about making friends with Google